Psalm 122

1    I joy’d when to the house of God,

          Go up, they said to me.

2    Jerusalem, within thy gates

          our feet shall standing be.

3    Jerus’lem, as a city, is

          compactly built together:

4    Unto that place the tribes go up,

          the tribes of God go thither:

     To Isr’el’s testimony, there

          to God’s name thanks to pay.

5    For thrones of judgment, ev’n the thrones

          of David’s house, there stay.

6    Pray that Jerusalem may have

          peace and felicity:

     Let them that love thee and thy peace

          have still prosperity.

7    Therefore I wish that peace may still

          within thy walls remain,

     And ever may thy palaces

          prosperity retain.

8    Now, for my friends’ and brethren’s sakes,

          Peace be in thee, I’ll say.

9    And for the house of God our Lord,

          I’ll seek thy good alway.

Psalm 125

1    They in the Lord that firmly trust

          shall be like Sion hill,

     Which at no time can be remov’d,

          but standeth ever still.

2    As round about Jerusalem

          the mountains stand alway,

     The Lord his folk doth compass so,

          from henceforth and for aye.

3    For ill men’s rod upon the lot

          of just men shall not lie;

     Lest righteous men stretch forth their hands

          unto iniquity.

4    Do thou to all those that be good

          thy goodness, Lord, impart;

     And do thou good to those that are

          upright within their heart.

5    But as for such as turn aside

          after their crooked way,

     God shall lead forth with wicked men:

          on Isr’el peace shall stay.

Psalm 126

1    When Sion’s bondage God turn’d back,

          as men that dream’d were we.

2    Then fill’d with laughter was our mouth,

          our tongue with melody:

     They ‘mong the heathen said, The Lord

          great things for them hath wrought.

3    The Lord hath done great things for us,

          whence joy to us is brought.

4    As streams of water in the south,

          our bondage, Lord, recall.

5    Who sow in tears, a reaping time

          of joy enjoy they shall.

6    That man who, bearing precious seed,

          in going forth doth mourn,

     He doubtless, bringing back his sheaves,

          rejoicing shall return.

Psalm 127

1    Except the Lord do build the house,

          the builders lose their pain:

     Except the Lord the city keep,

          the watchmen watch in vain.

2   ‘Tis vain for you to rise betimes,

          or late from rest to keep,

     To feed on sorrows’ bread; so gives

          he his beloved sleep.

3    Lo, children are God’s heritage,

          the womb’s fruit his reward.

4    The sons of youth as arrows are,

          for strong men’s hands prepar’d.

5    O happy is the man that hath

          his quiver fill’d with those;

     They unashamed in the gate

          shall speak unto their foes.

Psalm 128

1    Bless’d is each one that fears the Lord,

          and walketh in his ways;

2    For of thy labour thou shalt eat,

          and happy be always.

3    Thy wife shall as a fruitful vine

          by thy house’ sides be found:

     Thy children like to olive-plants

          about thy table round.

4    Behold, the man that fears the Lord,

          thus blessed shall he be.

5    The Lord shall out of Sion give

          his blessing unto thee:

     Thou shalt Jerus’lem’s good behold

          whilst thou on earth dost dwell.

6    Thou shalt thy children’s children see,

          and peace on Israel.

Psalm 129

1    Oft did they vex me from my youth,

          may Isr’el now declare;

2    Oft did they vex me from my youth,

          yet not victorious were.

3    The plowers plow’d upon my back;

          they long their furrows drew.

4    The righteous Lord did cut the cords

          of the ungodly crew.

5    Let Sion’s haters all be turn’d

          back with confusion.

6    As grass on houses’ tops be they,

          which fades ere it be grown:

7    Whereof enough to fill his hand

          the mower cannot find;

     Nor can the man his bosom fill,

          whose work is sheaves to bind.

8    Neither say they who do go by,

          God’s blessing on you rest:

     We in the name of God the Lord

          do wish you to be blest.

Psalm 121

1    I to the hills will lift mine eyes,

          from whence doth come mine aid.

2    My safety cometh from the Lord,

          who heav’n and earth hath made.

3    Thy foot he’ll not let slide, nor will

          he slumber that thee keeps.

4    Behold, he that keeps Israel,

          he slumbers not, nor sleeps.

5    The Lord thee keeps, the Lord thy shade

          on thy right hand doth stay:

6    The moon by night thee shall not smite,

          nor yet the sun by day.

7    The Lord shall keep thy soul; he shall

          preserve thee from all ill.

8    Henceforth thy going out and in

          God keep for ever will.

Psalm 140

1    Lord, from the ill and froward man

          give me deliverance,

     And do thou safe preserve me from

          the man of violence:

2    Who in their heart mischievous things

          are meditating ever;

     And they for war assembled are

          continually together.

3    Much like unto a serpent’s tongue

          their tongues they sharp do make;

     And underneath their lips there lies

          the poison of a snake.

4    Lord, keep me from the wicked’s hands,

          from vi’lent men me save;

     Who utterly to overthrow

          my goings purpos’d have.

5    The proud for me a snare have hid,

          and cords; yea, they a net

     Have by the way-side for me spread;

          they gins for me have set.

6    I said unto the Lord, Thou art

          my God: unto the cry

     Of all my supplications,

          Lord, do thine ear apply.

7    O God the Lord, who art the strength

          of my salvation:

     A cov’ring in the day of war

          my head thou hast put on.

8    Unto the wicked man, O Lord,

          his wishes do not grant;

     Nor further thou his ill device,

          lest they themselves should vaunt.

9    As for the head and chief of those

          about that compass me,

     Ev’n by the mischief of their lips

          let thou them cover’d be.

10   Let burning coals upon them fall,

          them throw in fiery flame,

     And in deep pits, that they no more

          may rise out of the same.

11   Let not an evil speaker be

          on earth established:

     Mischief shall hunt the vi’lent man,

          till he be ruined.

12   I know God will th’ afflicted’s cause

          maintain, and poor men’s right.

13   Surely the just shall praise thy name;

          th’ upright dwell in thy sight.

Psalm 141

1    O Lord, I unto thee do cry,

          do thou make haste to me,

     And give an ear unto my voice,

          when I cry unto thee.

2    As incense let my prayer be

          directed in thine eyes;

     And the uplifting of my hands

          as th’ ev ‘ning sacrifice.

3    Set, Lord, a watch before my mouth,

          keep of my lips the door.

4    My heart incline thou not unto

          the ills I should abhor,

     To practise wicked works with men

          that work iniquity;

     And with their delicates my taste

          let me not satisfy.

5    Let him that righteous is me smite,

          it shall a kindness be;

     Let him reprove, I shall it count

          a precious oil to me:

     Such smiting shall not break my head;

          for yet the time shall fall,

     When I in their calamities

          to God pray for them shall.

6    When as their judges down shall be

          in stony places cast,

     Then shall they hear my words; for they

          shall sweet be to their taste.

7    About the grave’s devouring mouth

          our bones are scatter’d round,

     As wood which men do cut and cleave

          lies scatter’d on the ground.

8    But unto thee, O God the Lord,

          mine eyes uplifted be:

     My soul do not leave destitute;

          my trust is set on thee.

9    Lord, keep me safely from the snares

          which they for me prepare;

     And from the subtile gins of them

          that wicked workers are.

10   Let workers of iniquity

          into their own nets fall,

     Whilst I do, by thine help, escape

          the danger of them all.

Psalm 142

1    I with my voice cry’d to the Lord,

          with it made my request:

2    Pour’d out to him my plaint, to him

          my trouble I exprest.

3    When in me was o’erwhelm’d my sp’rit,

          then well thou knew’st my way;

     Where I did walk a snare for me

          they privily did lay.

4    I look’d on my right hand, and view’d,

          but none to know me were;

     All refuge failed me, no man

          did for my soul take care.

5    I cry’d to thee; I said, Thou art

          my refuge, Lord, alone;

     And in the land of those that live

          thou art my portion.

6    Because I am brought very low,

          attend unto my cry:

     Me from my persecutors save,

          who stronger are than I.

7    From prison bring my soul, that I

          thy name may glorify:

     The just shall compass me, when thou

          with me deal’st bounteously.