I.You must meditate on whatever is TRUE
(factual, legal evidence)

II. You must meditate on whatever is HONORABLE
(revered, venerable, dignified, respectable)

III. You must meditate on whatever is JUST
(righteous, holy, Phil 1:7 “it is ‘right’ for me to think this way)

IV. You must meditate on whatever is PURE
(clean, innocent)

V. You must meditate on whatever is LOVELY
(acceptable, pleasing)

VI. You must meditate on whatever is COMMENDABLE
(well spoken of, of good report, good-fame)

VII. You must meditate on any EXCELLENCE
(moral excellence)

VIII. You must meditate on anything is PRAISEWORTHY
(worth that leads you to praise)


I. What is the first of the “[final]” exhortations Paul gives in this section, according to verse 8? How can you better “think about these things” day to day?

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