Martin Luther said the book of Romans is “the greatest letter ever written.” Why would he say that? The Apostle Paul writes to the 1st century church at Rome, as well as to us today, about the depths of God’s holiness, man’s sinfulness, Jesus’ sufficient work to save, and God’s salvation given to sinners, free of charge. The book of Romans is the high point of all of Scripture, teaching most clearly who God is in sovereignty, what God requires in his holiness, and what God provides in his grace toward His people. This letter answers with great detail questions like why do we need the gospelwhat is the gospelhow deep is the gospel? and then beautifully finishes with how then should we live? Come and study the greatest letter ever written.



  1. THE ROMANS: Romans 1:1-15
  2. THE POWER: Romans 1:16-23
  3. THE TRUTH: Romans 1:24-32
  4. THE JUDGEMENT: Romans 2:1-16
  5. THE HONOR: Romans 2:17-29
  6. THE RIGHTEOUSNESS: Romans 3:1-8
  7. THE FEAR: Romans 3:9-20
  8. THE JUSTIFICATION: Romans 3:21-30
  9. THE BLESSING: Romans 3:31-4:12
  10. THE PROMISE: Romans 4:13-22
  11. THE PEACE: Romans 4:23-5:11
  12. THE GRACE: Romans 5:12-21
  13. THE GLORY: Romans 6:1-14
  14. THE FREE GIFT: Romans 6:15-23
  15. THE NEW LIFE: Romans 7:1-6
  16. THE LAW: Romans 7:7-25
  17. THE SPIRIT: Romans 8:1-11
  18. THE CHILDREN: Romans 8:12-17
  19. THE WILL: Romans 8:18-30
  20. THE INTERCESSION: Romans 8:31-39
  21. THE WORD: Romans 9:1-13
  22. THE MERCY: Romans 9:14-29
  23. THE HEART: Romans 9:30-10:13
  24. THE GOOD NEWS: Romans 10:14-21
  25. THE ELECT: Romans 11:1-12
  26. THE KINDNESS: Romans 11:13-24
  27. THE CALLING: Romans 11:25-36
  28. THE MERCIES: Romans 12:1-2
  29. THE GIFTS: Romans 12:3-13
  30. THE WRATH: Romans 12:14-21
  31. THE SERVANT: Romans 13:1-7
  32. THE LOVE: Romans 13:8-10
  33. THE CHRIST: Romans 13:11-14
  34. THE JUDGE: Romans 14:1-12
  35. THE KINGDOM: Romans 14:13-23
  36. THE EXAMPLE: Romans 15:1-13
  37. THE MINISTRY: Romans 15:14-33
  38. THE GREETINGS: Romans 16:1-16
  39. THE INSTRUCTIONS: Romans 16:17-24
  40. THE DOXOLOGY: Romans 16:25-27

Ekklesia Muskogee is a reformed baptist church that gathers for worship in Muskogee, Oklahoma. We confess the 1689 second London baptist confession of faith. We affirm the five solas of the Reformation as well as the doctrines of grace (otherwise known as the five points of Calvinism), and each of our pastors would not be ashamed to be called a Calvinist. We are a church led by elders, of which there is a plurality (also called pastors and overseers in the Scriptures). Our mission is to make disciples, love cities, and plant churches.