Psalm 145

Second Version (L.M.)
TUNE: Before the Throne of God Above

1    O Lord, thou art my God and King;
          Thee will I magnify and praise:
     I will thee bless, and gladly sing
          Unto thy holy name always.

2    Each day I rise I will thee bless,
 And praise thy name time without end.
3    Much to be prais’d, and great God is;
          His greatness none can comprehend.

4    Race shall thy works praise unto race,
          The mighty acts show done by thee.
5    I will speak of the glorious grace,
          And honour of thy majesty;

     Thy wondrous works I will record.
6         By men the might shall be extoll’d
     Of all thy dreadful acts, O Lord:
          And I thy greatness will unfold.

7    They utter shall abundantly
          The mem’ry of thy goodness great;
     And shall sing praises cheerfully,
          Whilst they thy righteousness relate.

8    The Lord our God is gracious,
          Compassionate is he also;
     In mercy he is plenteous,
          But unto wrath and anger slow.

9    Good unto all men is the Lord:
          O’er all his works his mercy is.
10   Thy works all praise to thee afford:
          Thy saints, O Lord, thy name shall bless.

11   The glory of thy kingdom show
          Shall they, and of thy power tell:
12   That so men’s sons his deeds may know,
          His kingdom’s grace that doth excel.

13   Thy kingdom hath none end at all,
          It doth through ages all remain.
14   The Lord upholdeth all that fall,
          The cast-down raiseth up again.

15   The eyes of all things, Lord, attend,
          And on thee wait that here do live,
     And thou, in season due, dost send
          Sufficient food them to relieve.

16   Yea, thou thine hand dost open wide,
          And ev’ry thing dost satisfy
That lives, and doth on earth abide,
          Of thy great liberality.

17   The Lord is just in his ways all,
          And holy in his works each one.
18   He’s near to all that on him call,
          Who call in truth on him alone.

19   God will the just desire fulfil
          Of such as do him fear and dread:
     Their cry regard, and hear he will,
          And save them in the time of need.

20   The Lord preserves all, more and less,
          That bear to him a loving heart:
     But workers all of wickedness
          Destroy will he, and clean subvert.

21   Therefore my mouth and lips I’ll frame
          To speak the praises of the Lord:
     To magnify his holy name
          For ever let all flesh accord.

First Version (C.M.)

1    I’ll thee extol, my God, O King;

          I’ll bless thy name always.

2    Thee will I bless each day, and will

          thy name for ever praise.

3    Great is the Lord, much to be prais’d;

          his greatness search exceeds.

4    Race unto race shall praise thy works,

          and shew thy mighty deeds.

5    I of thy glorious majesty

          the honour will record;

     I’ll speak of all thy mighty works,

          which wondrous are, O Lord.

6    Men of thine acts the might shall show,

          thine acts that dreadful are;

     And I, thy glory to advance,

          thy greatness will declare.

7    The mem’ry of thy goodness great

          they largely shall express;

     With songs of praise they shall extol

          thy perfect righteousness.

8    The Lord is very gracious,

          in him compassions flow;

     In mercy he is very great,

          and is to anger slow.

9    The Lord Jehovah unto all

          his goodness doth declare;

     And over all his other works

          his tender mercies are.

10   Thee all thy works shall praise, O Lord,

          and thee thy saints shall bless;

11   They shall thy kingdom’s glory show,

          thy pow’r by speech express:

12   To make the sons of men to know

          his acts done mightily,

And of his kingdom th’ excellent

          and glorious majesty.

13   Thy kingdom shall for ever stand,

          thy reign through ages all.

14   God raiseth all that are bow’d down,

          upholdeth all that fall.

15   The eyes of all things wait on thee,

          the giver of all good;

     And thou, in time convenient,

          bestow’st on them their food:

16   Thine hand thou open’st lib’rally,

          and of thy bounty gives

     Enough to satisfy the need

          of ev’ry thing that lives.

17   The Lord is just in all his ways,

          holy in his works all.

18   God’s near to all that call on him,

          in truth that on him call.

19   He will accomplish the desire

          of those that do him fear:

     He also will deliver them,

          and he their cry will hear.

20   The Lord preserves all who him love,

          that nought can them annoy:

     But he all those that wicked are

          will utterly destroy.

21   My mouth the praises of the Lord

          to publish cease shall never:

     Let all flesh bless his holy name

          for ever and for ever.

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