Psalm 124

Psalm 124 – 1/16/22 – LIVE

First Version (C.M.)

1    Had not the Lord been on our side,
          may Israel now say;
2    Had not the Lord been on our side,
          when men rose us to slay;

3    They had us swallow’d quick, when as
          their wrath ‘gainst us did flame:
4    Waters had cover’d us, our soul
          had sunk beneath the stream.

5    Then had the waters, swelling high,
          over our soul made way.
6    Bless’d be the Lord, who to their teeth
          us gave not for a prey.

7    Our soul’s escaped, as a bird
          out of the fowler’s snare;
     The snare asunder broken is,
          and we escaped are.

8    Our sure and all-sufficient help
          is in Jehovah’s name;
     His name who did the heav’n create,
          and who the earth did frame.

Second Version (

1    Now Israel

          may say, and that truly,

     If that the Lord

          had not our cause maintain’d;

2    If that the Lord

          had not our right sustain’d,

     When cruel men

          against us furiously

     Rose up in wrath,

          to make of us their prey;

3    Then certainly

          they had devour’d us all,

     And swallow’d quick,

          for ought that we could deem;

     Such was their rage,

          as we might well esteem.

4    And as fierce floods

          before them all things drown,

     So had they brought

          our soul to death quite down.

5    The raging streams,

          with their proud swelling waves,

     Had then our soul

          o’erwhelmed in the deep.

6    But bless’d be God,

          who doth us safely keep,

     And hath not giv’n

          us for a living prey

     Unto their teeth,

          and bloody cruelty.

7    Ev’n as a bird

          out of the fowler’s snare

     Escapes away,

          so is our soul set free:

     Broke are their nets,

          and thus escaped we.

8    Therefore our help

          is in the Lord’s great name,

     Who heav’n and earth

          by his great pow’r did frame.

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