Psalm 119

Aleph, The 1st Part.

1    Blessed are they that undefil’d,

          and straight are in the way;

     Who in the Lord’s most holy law

          do walk, and do not stray.

2    Blessed are they who to observe

          his statutes are inclin’d;

     And who do seek the living God

          with their whole heart and mind.

3    Such in his ways do walk, and they

          do no iniquity.

4    Thou hast commanded us to keep

          thy precepts carefully.

5    O that thy statutes to observe

          thou would’st my ways direct!

6    Then shall I not be sham’d, when I

          thy precepts all respect.

7    Then with integrity of heart

          thee will I praise and bless,

     When I the judgments all have learn’d

          of thy pure righteousness.

8    That I will keep thy statutes all

          firmly resolv’d have I:

     O do not then, most gracious God,

          forsake me utterly.

Psalm 119 Beth, The 2nd Part.

9    By what means shall a young man learn

          his way to purify?

     If he according to thy word

          thereto attentive be.

10   Unfeignedly thee have I sought

          with all my soul and heart:

     O let me not from the right path

          of thy commands depart.

11   Thy word I in my heart have hid,

          that I offend not thee.

12   O Lord, thou ever blessed art,

          thy statutes teach thou me.

13   The judgments of thy mouth each one

          my lips declared have:

14   More joy thy testimonies’ way

          than riches all me gave.

15   I will thy holy precepts make

          my meditation;

     And carefully I’ll have respect

          unto thy ways each one.

16   Upon thy statutes my delight

          shall constantly be set:

     And, by thy grace, I never will

          thy holy word forget.

Psalm 119 Gimel, The 3rd Part.

17    With me thy servant, in thy grace,

          deal bountifully, Lord;

     That by thy favour I may live,

          and duly keep thy word.

18   Open mine eyes, that of thy law

          the wonders I may see.

19   I am a stranger on this earth,

          hide not thy laws from me.

20   My soul within me breaks, and doth

          much fainting still endure,

     Through longing that it hath all times

          unto thy judgments pure.

21   Thou hast rebuk’d the cursed proud,

          who from thy precepts swerve.

22   Reproach and shame remove from me,

          for I thy laws observe.

23   Against me princes spake with spite,

          while they in council sat:

     But I thy servant did upon

          thy statutes meditate.

24   My comfort, and my heart’s delight,

          thy testimonies be;

     And they, in all my doubts and fears,

          are counsellors to me.

Psalm 119 Daleth, The 4th Part.

25   My soul to dust cleaves: quicken me,

          according to thy word.

26   My ways I shew’d, and me thou heard’st:

          teach me thy statutes, Lord.

27   The way of thy commandements

          make me aright to know;

     So all thy works that wondrous are

          I shall to others show.

28   My soul doth melt, and drop away,

          for heaviness and grief:

     To me, according to thy word,

          give strength, and send relief.

29   From me the wicked way of lies

          let far removed be;

     And graciously thy holy law

          do thou grant unto me.

30   I chosen have the perfect way

          of truth and verity:

     Thy judgments that most righteous are

          before me laid have I.

31   I to thy testimonies cleave;

          shame do not on me cast.

32   I’ll run thy precepts’ way, when thou

          my heart enlarged hast.

Psalm 119 He, The 5th Part.

33   Teach me, O Lord, the perfect way

          of thy precepts divine,

     And to observe it to the end

          I shall my heart incline.

34   Give understanding unto me,

          so keep thy law shall I;

     Yea, ev’n with my whole heart I shall

          observe it carefully.

35   In thy law’s path make me to go;

          for I delight therein.

36   My heart unto thy testimonies,

          and not to greed, incline.

37   Turn thou away my sight and eyes

          from viewing vanity;

     And in thy good and holy way

          be pleas’d to quicken me.

38   Confirm to me thy gracious word,

          which I did gladly hear,

     Ev’n to thy servant, Lord, who is

          devoted to thy fear.

39   Turn thou away my fear’d reproach;

          for good thy judgments be.

40   Lo, for thy precepts I have long’d;

          in thy truth quicken me.

Psalm 119 Vau, The 6th Part.

41   Let thy sweet mercies also come

          and visit me, O Lord;

     Ev’n thy benign salvation,

          according to thy word.

42   So shall I have wherewith I may

          give him an answer just,

     Who spitefully reproacheth me;

          for in thy word I trust.

43   The word of truth out of my mouth

          take thou not utterly;

     For on thy judgments righteous

          my hope doth still rely.

44   So shall I keep for evermore

          thy law continually.

45   And, sith that I thy precepts seek,

          I’ll walk at liberty.

46   I’ll speak thy word to kings, and I

          with shame shall not be mov’d;

47   And will delight myself always

          in thy laws, which I lov’d.

48   To thy commandments, which I lov’d,

          my hands lift up I will;

     And I will also meditate

          upon thy statutes still.

Psalm 119 Zain, The 7th Part.

49   Remember, Lord, thy gracious word

          thou to thy servant spake,

     Which, for a ground of my sure hope,

          thou causedst me to take.

50   This word of thine my comfort is

          in mine affliction:

     For in my straits I am reviv’d

          by this thy word alone.

51   The men whose hearts with pride are stuff’d

          did greatly me deride;

     Yet from thy straight commandements

          I have not turn’d aside.

52   Thy judgments righteous, O Lord,

          which thou of old forth gave,

     I did remember, and myself

          by them comforted have.

53   Horror took hold on me, because

          ill men thy law forsake.

54   I in my house of pilgrimage

          thy laws my songs do make.

55   Thy name by night, Lord, I did mind,

          and I have kept thy law.

56   And this I had, because thy word

          I kept, and stood in awe.

Psalm 119 Cheth, The 8th Part.

57   Thou my sure portion art alone,

          which I did chuse, O Lord:

     I have resolv’d, and said, that I

          would keep thy holy word.

58   With my whole heart I did entreat

          thy face and favour free:

     According to thy gracious word

          be merciful to me.

59   I thought upon my former ways,

          and did my life well try;

     And to thy testimonies pure

          my feet then turned I.

60   I did not stay, nor linger long,

          as those that slothful are;

     But hastily thy laws to keep

          myself I did prepare.

61   Bands of ill men me robb’d; yet I

          thy precepts did not slight.

62   I’ll rise at midnight thee to praise,

          ev’n for thy judgments right.

63   I am companion to all those

          who fear, and thee obey.

64   O Lord, thy mercy fills the earth:

          teach me thy laws, I pray.

Psalm 119 Teth, The 9th Part.

65   Well hast thou with thy servant dealt,

          as thou didst promise give.

66   Good judgment me, and knowledge teach,

          for I thy word believe.

67   Ere I afflicted was I stray’d;

          but now I keep thy word.

68    Both good thou art, and good thou do’st:

          teach me thy statutes, Lord.

69   The men that are puff ‘d up with pride

          against me forg’d a lie;

     Yet thy commandements observe

          with my whole heart will I.

70   Their hearts, through worldly ease and wealth,

          as fat as grease they be:

     But in thy holy law I take

          delight continually.

71   It hath been very good for me

          that I afflicted was,

     That I might well instructed be,

          and learn thy holy laws.

72   The word that cometh from thy mouth

          is better unto me

     Than many thousands and great sums

          of gold and silver be.

Psalm 119 Jod, The 10th Part.

73   Thou mad’st and fashion’dst me: thy laws

          to know give wisdom, Lord.

74   So who thee fear shall joy to see

          me trusting in thy word.

75   That very right thy judgments are

          I know, and do confess;

     And that thou hast afflicted me

          in truth and faithfulness.

76   O let thy kindness merciful,

          I pray thee, comfort me,

     As to thy servant faithfully

          was promised by thee.

77   And let thy tender mercies come

          to me, that I may live;

     Because thy holy laws to me

          sweet delectation give.

78   Lord, let the proud ashamed be;

          for they, without a cause,

     With me perversely dealt: but I

          will muse upon thy laws.

79   Let such as fear thee, and have known

          thy statutes, turn to me.

80   My heart let in thy laws be sound,

          that sham’d I never be.

Psalm 119 Caph, The 11th Part.

81   My soul for thy salvation faints;

          yet I thy word believe.

82   Mine eyes fail for thy word: I say,

          When wilt thou comfort give?

83   For like a bottle I’m become,

          that in the smoke is set:

     I’m black, and parch’d with grief; yet I

          thy statutes not forget.

84   How many are thy servant’s days?

          when wilt thou execute

     Just judgment on these wicked men

          that do me persecute?

85   The proud have digged pits for me,

          which is against thy laws.

86   Thy words all faithful are: help me,

          pursu’d without a cause.

87   They so consum’d me, that on earth

          my life they scarce did leave:

     Thy precepts yet forsook I not,

          but close to them did cleave.

88   After thy loving-kindness, Lord,

          me quicken, and preserve:

     The testimony of thy mouth

          so shall I still observe.

Psalm 119 Lamed, The 12th Part.

89   Thy word for ever is, O Lord,

          in heaven settled fast;

90   Unto all generations

          thy faithfulness doth last:

     The earth thou hast established,

          and it abides by thee.

91   This day they stand as thou ordain’dst;

          for all thy servants be.

92   Unless in thy most perfect law

          my soul delights had found,

     I should have perished, when as

          my troubles did abound.

93   Thy precepts I will ne’er forget;

          they quick’ning to me brought.

94   Lord, I am thine; O save thou me:

          thy precepts I have sought.

95   For me the wicked have laid wait,

          me seeking to destroy:

     But I thy testimonies true

          consider will with joy.

96   An end of all perfection

          here have I seen, O God:

     But as for thy commandement,

          it is exceeding broad.

Psalm 119 Mem, The 13th Part.

97    O how love I thy law! it is

          my study all the day:

98    It makes me wiser than my foes;

          for it doth with me stay.

99    Than all my teachers now I have

          more understanding far;

      Because my meditation

          thy testimonies are.

100   In understanding I excel

          those that are ancients;

      For I endeavoured to keep

          all thy commandements.

101   My feet from each ill way I stay’d,

          that I may keep thy word.

102   I from thy judgments have not swerv’d;

          for thou hast taught me, Lord.

103   How sweet unto my taste, O Lord,

          are all thy words of truth!

      Yea, I do find them sweeter far

          than honey to my mouth.

104   I through thy precepts, that are pure,

          do understanding get;

      I therefore ev’ry way that’s false

          with all my heart do hate.

Psalm 119 Nun, The 14th Part.

105   Thy word is to my feet a lamp,

          and to my path a light.

106   I sworn have, and I will perform,

          to keep thy judgments right.

107   I am with sore affliction

          ev’n overwhelm’d, O Lord:

      In mercy raise and quicken me,

          according to thy word.

108   The free-will-off ‘rings of my mouth

          accept, I thee beseech:

      And unto me thy servant, Lord,

          thy judgments clearly teach.

109   Though still my soul be in my hand,

          thy laws I’ll not forget.

110   I err’d not from them, though for me

          the wicked snares did set.

111   I of thy testimonies have

          above all things made choice,

      To be my heritage for aye;

          for they my heart rejoice.

112   I carefully inclined have

          my heart still to attend;

      That I thy statutes may perform

          alway unto the end.

Psalm 119 Samech, The 15th Part.

113   I hate the thoughts of vanity,

          but love thy law do I.

114   My shield and hiding-place thou art:

          I on thy word rely.

115   All ye that evil-doers are

          from me depart away;

      For the commandments of my God

          I purpose to obey.

116   According to thy faithful word

          uphold and stablish me,

      That I may live, and of my hope

          ashamed never be.

117   Hold thou me up, so shall I be

          in peace and safety still;

      And to thy statutes have respect

          continually I will.

118   Thou tread’st down all that love to stray;

          false their deceit doth prove.

119   Lewd men, like dross, away thou putt’st;

          therefore thy law I love.

120   For fear of thee my very flesh

          doth tremble, all dismay’d;

      And of thy righteous judgments, Lord,

          my soul is much afraid.

Psalm 119 Ain, The 16th Part.

121   To all men I have judgment done,

          performing justice right;

      Then let me not be left unto

          my fierce oppressors’ might.

122   For good unto thy servant, Lord,

          thy servant’s surety be:

      From the oppression of the proud

          do thou deliver me.

123   Mine eyes do fail with looking long

          for thy salvation,

      The word of thy pure righteousness

          while I do wait upon.

124   In mercy with thy servant deal,

          thy laws me teach and show.

125   I am thy servant, wisdom give,

          that I thy laws may know.

126  ‘Tis time thou work, Lord; for they have

          made void thy law divine.

127   Therefore thy precepts more I love

          than gold, yea, gold most fine.

128   Concerning all things thy commands

          all right I judge therefore;

      And ev’ry false and wicked way

          I perfectly abhor.

Psalm 119 Pe, The 17th Part.

129   Thy statutes, Lord, are wonderful,

          my soul them keeps with care.

130   The entrance of thy words gives light,

          makes wise who simple are.

131   My mouth I have wide opened,

          and panted earnestly,

      While after thy commandements

          I long’d exceedingly.

132   Look on me, Lord, and merciful

          do thou unto me prove,

      As thou art wont to do to those

          thy name who truly love.

133   O let my footsteps in thy word

          aright still order’d be:

      Let no iniquity obtain

          dominion over me.

134   From man’s oppression save thou me;

          so keep thy laws I will.

135   Thy face make on thy servant shine;

          teach me thy statutes still.

136   Rivers of waters from mine eyes

          did run down, when I saw

      How wicked men run on in sin,

          and do not keep thy law.

Psalm 119 Tzaddi, The 18th Part.

137   O Lord, thou art most righteous;

          thy judgments are upright.

138   Thy testimonies thou command’st

          most faithful are and right.

139   My zeal hath ev’n consumed me,

          because mine enemies

      Thy holy words forgotten have,

          and do thy laws despise.

140   Thy word’s most pure, therefore on it

          thy servant’s love is set.

141   Small, and despis’d I am, yet I

          thy precepts not forget.

142   Thy righteousness is righteousness

          which ever doth endure:

      Thy holy law, Lord, also is

          the very truth most pure.

143   Trouble and anguish have me found,

          and taken hold on me:

      Yet in my trouble my delight

          thy just commandments be.

144   Eternal righteousness is in

          thy testimonies all:

      Lord, to me understanding give,

          and ever live I shall.

Psalm 119 Koph, The 19th Part.

145   With my whole heart I cry’d, Lord, hear;

          I will thy word obey.

146   I cry’d to thee; save me, and I

          will keep thy laws alway.

147   I of the morning did prevent

          the dawning, and did cry:

      For all mine expectation

          did on thy word rely.

148   Mine eyes did timeously prevent

          the watches of the night,

      That in thy word with careful mind

          then meditate I might.

149   After thy loving-kindness hear

          my voice, that calls on thee:

      According to thy judgment, Lord,

          revive and quicken me.

150   Who follow mischief they draw nigh;

          they from thy law are far:

151   But thou art near, Lord; most firm truth

          all thy commandments are.

152   As for thy testimonies all,

          of old this have I try’d,

      That thou hast surely founded them

          for ever to abide.

Psalm 119 Resh, The 20th Part.

153   Consider mine affliction,

          in safety do me set:

      Deliver me, O Lord, for I

          thy law do not forget.

154   After thy word revive thou me:

          save me, and plead my cause.

155   Salvation is from sinners far;

          for they seek not thy laws.

156   O Lord, both great and manifold

          thy tender mercies be:

      According to thy judgments just,

          revive and quicken me.

157   My persecutors many are,

          and foes that do combine;

      Yet from thy testimonies pure

          my heart doth not decline.

158   I saw transgressors, and was griev’d;

          for they keep not thy word.

159   See how I love thy law! as thou

          art kind, me quicken, Lord.

160   From the beginning all thy word

          hath been most true and sure:

      Thy righteous judgments ev’ry one

          for evermore endure.

Psalm 119 Schin, The 21st Part.

161   Princes have persecuted me,

          although no cause they saw:

      But still of thy most holy word

          my heart doth stand in awe.

162   I at thy word rejoice, as one

          of spoil that finds great store.

163   Thy law I love; but lying all

          I hate and do abhor.

164   Sev’n times a-day it is my care

          to give due praise to thee;

      Because of all thy judgments, Lord,

          which righteous ever be.

165   Great peace have they who love thy law;

          offence they shall have none.

166   I hop’d for thy salvation, Lord,

          and thy commands have done.

167   My soul thy testimonies pure

          observed carefully;

      On them my heart is set, and them

          I love exceedingly.

168   Thy testimonies and thy laws

          I kept with special care;

      For all my works and ways each one

          before thee open are.

Psalm 119 Tau, The 22nd Part.

169   O let my earnest pray’r and cry

          come near before thee, Lord:

      Give understanding unto me,

          according to thy word.

170   Let my request before thee come:

          after thy word me free.

171   My lips shall utter praise, when thou

          hast taught thy laws to me.

172   My tongue of thy most blessed word

          shall speak, and it confess;

      Because all thy commandements

          are perfect righteousness.

173   Let thy strong hand make help to me:

          thy precepts are my choice.

174   I long’d for thy salvation, Lord,

          and in thy law rejoice.

175   O let my soul live, and it shall

          give praises unto thee;

      And let thy judgments gracious

          be helpful unto me.

176   I, like a lost sheep, went astray;

          thy servant seek, and find:

      For thy commands I suffer’d not

          to slip out of my mind.

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