Psalm 105

1    Give thanks to God, call on his name;

          to men his deeds make known.

2    Sing ye to him, sing psalms; proclaim

          his wondrous works each one.

3    See that ye in his holy name

          to glory do accord;

     And let the heart of ev’ry one

          rejoice that seeks the Lord.

4    The Lord Almighty, and his strength,

          with stedfast hearts seek ye:

     His blessed and his gracious face

          seek ye continually.

5    Think on the works that he hath done,

          which admiration breed;

     His wonders, and the judgments all

          which from his mouth proceed;

6    O ye that are of Abr’ham’s race,

          his servant well approv’n;

     And ye that Jacob’s children are,

          whom he chose for his own.

7    Because he, and he only, is

          the mighty Lord our God;

     And his most righteous judgments are

          in all the earth abroad.

8    His cov’nant he remember’d hath,

          that it may ever stand:

     To thousand generations

          the word he did command.

9    Which covenant he firmly made

          with faithful Abraham,

     And unto Isaac, by his oath,

          he did renew the same:

10   And unto Jacob, for a law,

          he made it firm and sure,

     A covenant to Israel,

          which ever should endure.

11   He said, I’ll give Canaan’s land

          for heritage to you;

12   While they were strangers there, and few,

          in number very few:

13   While yet they went from land to land

          without a sure abode;

     And while through sundry kingdoms they

          did wander far abroad;

14   Yet, notwithstanding suffer’d he

          no man to do them wrong:

     Yea, for their sakes, he did reprove

          kings, who were great and strong.

15   Thus did he say, Touch ye not those

          that mine anointed be,

     Nor do the prophets any harm

          that do pertain to me.

16   He call’d for famine on the land,

          he brake the staff of bread:

17   But yet he sent a man before,

          by whom they should be fed;

     Ev’n Joseph, whom unnat’rally

          sell for a slave did they;

18   Whose feet with fetters they did hurt,

          and he in irons lay;

19   Until the time that his word came

          to give him liberty;

     The word and purpose of the Lord

          did him in prison try.

20   Then sent the king, and did command

          that he enlarg’d should be:

     He that the people’s ruler was

          did send to set him free.

21   A lord to rule his family

          he rais’d him, as most fit;

     To him of all that he possess’d

          he did the charge commit:

22   That he might at his pleasure bind

          the princes of the land;

     And he might teach his senators

          wisdom to understand.

23   The people then of Israel

          down into Egypt came;

     And Jacob also sojourned

          within the land of Ham.

24   And he did greatly by his pow’r

          increase his people there;

     And stronger than their enemies

          they by his blessing were.

25   Their heart he turned to envy

          his folk maliciously,

     With those that his own servants were

          to deal in subtilty.

26   His servant Moses he did send,

          Aaron his chosen one.

27   By these his signs and wonders great

          in Ham’s land were made known.

28   Darkness he sent, and made it dark;

          his word they did obey.

29    He turn’d their waters into blood,

          and he their fish did slay.

30   The land in plenty brought forth frogs

          in chambers of their kings.

31   His word all sorts of flies and lice

          in all their borders brings.

32   He hail for rain, and flaming fire

          into their land he sent:

33   And he their vines and fig-trees smote:

          trees of their coasts he rent.

34   He spake, and caterpillars came,

          locusts did much abound;

35   Which in their land all herbs consum’d,

          and all fruits of their ground.

36   He smote all first-born in their land,

          chief of their strength each one.

37   With gold and silver brought them forth,

          weak in their tribes were none.

38   Egypt was glad when forth they went,

          their fear on them did light.

39   He spread a cloud for covering,

          and fire to shine by night.

40   They ask’d, and he brought quails: with bread

          of heav’n he filled them.

41   He open’d rocks, floods gush’d, and ran

          in deserts like a stream.

42   For on his holy promise he,

          and servant Abr’ham, thought.

43   With joy his people, his elect

          with gladness, forth he brought.

44   And unto them the pleasant lands

          he of the heathen gave;

     That of the people’s labour they

          inheritance might have.

45   That they his statutes might observe

          according to his word;

     And that they might his laws obey.

          Give praise unto the Lord.

Ekklesia Muskogee is a reformed baptist church that gathers for worship in Muskogee, Oklahoma. We confess the 1689 second London baptist confession of faith. We affirm the five solas of the Reformation as well as the doctrines of grace (otherwise known as the five points of Calvinism), and each of our pastors would not be ashamed to be called a Calvinist. We are a church led by elders, of which there is a plurality (also called pastors and overseers in the Scriptures). Our mission is to make disciples, love cities, and plant churches.