Psalm 053

1    That there is not a God, the fool

          doth in his heart conclude:

     They are corrupt, their works are vile,

          not one of them doth good.

2    The Lord upon the sons of men

          from heav’n did cast his eyes,

     To see if any one there was

          that sought God, and was wise.

3    They altogether filthy are,

          they all are backward gone;

     And there is none that doeth good,

          no, not so much as one.

4    These workers of iniquity,

          do they not know at all,

     That they my people eat as bread,

          and on God do not call?

5    Ev’n there they were afraid, and stood

          with trembling, all dismay’d,

     Whereas there was no cause at all

          why they should be afraid:

     For God his bones that thee besieg’d

          hath scatter’d all abroad;

     Thou hast confounded them, for they

          despised are of God.

6    Let Isr’el’s help from Sion come:

          when back the Lord shall bring

     His captives, Jacob shall rejoice,

          and Israel shall sing.

Ekklesia Muskogee is a reformed baptist church that gathers for worship in Muskogee, Oklahoma. We confess the 1689 second London baptist confession of faith. We affirm the five solas of the Reformation as well as the doctrines of grace (otherwise known as the five points of Calvinism), and each of our pastors would not be ashamed to be called a Calvinist. We are a church led by elders, of which there is a plurality (also called pastors and overseers in the Scriptures). Our mission is to make disciples, love cities, and plant churches.