HOPELESS: Judges 20

I. Hopeless are all who stand trial for their sin without an advocate
II. Hopeless are all who will not part with sin
III. Hopeless are all who rage against the justice of the LORD
IV. Hopeless are all who try to do the LORD’s work in their own strength
V. Hopeful are all who take refuge in the Rock

1. Chapter 20 reveals further moral corruption in Israel, this time by the entire nation subjecting one of their tribes to complete annihilation. Read verses 1-11. What does the writer mean by “from Dan to Beersheba”? How did the people of Israel initially respond to “this evil” that had happened? What does the Levite leave out when he tells them of the evil that was done to his concubine by the leaders of Gibeah? How did the people of Israel eventually respond to “this evil”?

2. Read verses 12-17. What did the people of Israel demand from the Benjaminites? How do Deuteronomy 13:5 and 17:7 shed light on their demands? How did the Benjaminites respond?

3. Read verses 18-28. What admirable thing do the people of Israel do time and time again in these verses? What can we learn from these verses? What else stands out to you in these verses and why?

4. Read verses 29-48. According to verse 35, who defeated Benjamin? What can we learn from this? How far did the people of Israel take this civil war according to verse 48? What else stands out to you in these verses and why?

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