GIDEON (pt.3): Judges 8:1-35


  1. Read verses 1-3. Why were the men of Ephraim upset that Gideon did not include them in the fight against Midian? In contrast, why did the LORD only allow 300 men to fight? What can we learn from these verses?
  2. Read verses 4-21. How do the officials of Succoth and Penuel respond to Gideon asking for help as he fulfilled what the LORD commanded? How does Gideon respond? What can we learn from this? How do verses 11-12 contrast sharply with what we saw in chapter 7? What else stands out to you in verses 4-21 and why?
  3. Read verses 22-28. Who do the men of Israel give the glory to for victory in verse 22? Is this a holy response—why or why not? How does Gideon respond to their asking he and his son to be king over them in verse 23? What can we learn from this? What did Gideon do in verses 24-28 and what was the result? How should this make us long for Jesus? 
  4. Read verses 29-34. How did Gideon finish his course? What did the people do after Gideon died? How should both of these answers make us long for Jesus?

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