GIDEON (pt.1): Judges 6:1-40


  1. Read verses 1-10. What does the LORD remind the people of when he speaks through the prophet? What does this teach us concerning our continual need of hearing the gospel in our own day (see verses 7-9)? What does this teach us concerning how to repent of idolatry (see verse 10)?
  2. Read verses 11-18. Who is “the angel of the LORD”? How does verse 14 help clarify? What question does Gideon ask the LORD? How does the LORD answer? How does Gideon respond to the command of the LORD? What should we learn from these verses?
  3. Read verses 19-27. What do we learn about the seriousness of sin by Gideon’s response the realization that he was face to face with the angel of the LORD and the LORD’S words to Gideon right after? What do we learn in this passage concerning the wages of idolatry? 
  4. Read verses 28-35. How does Gideon respond to the LORD revealing himself personally to him? How do the people respond to Gideon’s breaking down the alter of Baal? What should this teach us concerning the cost of following Jesus in our day? What should this passage teach us concerning the strength of the LORD for his people?
  5. Read verses 36-40. What is more shocking to you in this scene, that Gideon would ask these things of the LORD or that the LORD would show him these signs?

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