Psalm 035

1    Plead, Lord, with those that plead; and fight

          with those that fight with me.

2    Of shield and buckler take thou hold,

          stand up mine help to be.

3    Draw also out the spear, and do

          against them stop the way

     That me pursue: unto my soul,

          I’m thy salvation, say.

4    Let them confounded be and sham’d

          that for my soul have sought:

     Who plot my hurt turn’d back be they,

          and to confusion brought.

5    Let them be like unto the chaff

          that flies before the wind;

     And let the angel of the Lord

          pursue them hard behind.

6    With darkness cover thou their way,

          and let it slipp’ry prove;

     And let the angel of the Lord

          pursue them from above.

7    For without cause have they for me

          their net hid in a pit,

     They also have without a cause

          for my soul digged it.

8    Let ruin seize him unawares;

          his net he hid withal

     Himself let catch; and in the same

          destruction let him fall.

9    My soul in God shall joy; and glad

          in his salvation be:

10   And all my bones shall say, O Lord,

          who is like unto thee,

     Which dost the poor set free from him

          that is for him too strong;

     The poor and needy from the man

          that spoils and does him wrong?

11   False witnesses rose; to my charge

          things I not knew they laid.

12   They, to the spoiling of my soul,

          me ill for good repaid.

13   But as for me, when they were sick,

          in sackcloth sad I mourn’d:

     My humbled soul did fast, my pray’r

          into my bosom turn’d.

14   Myself I did behave as he

          had been my friend or brother;

     I heavily bow’d down, as one

          that mourneth for his mother.

15   But in my trouble they rejoic’d,

          gath’ring themselves together;

     Yea, abjects vile together did

          themselves against me gather:

     I knew it not; they did me tear,

          and quiet would not be.

16   With mocking hypocrites, at feasts

          they gnash’d their teeth at me.

17   How long, Lord, look’st thou on? from those

          destructions they intend

     Rescue my soul, from lions young

          my darling do defend.

18   I will give thanks to thee, O Lord,

          within th’ assembly great;

     And where much people gather’d are

          thy praises forth will set.

19   Let not my wrongful enemies

          proudly rejoice o’er me;

     Nor who me hate without a cause,

          let them wink with the eye.

20   For peace they do not speak at all;

          but crafty plots prepare

     Against all those within the land

          that meek and quiet are.

21   With mouths set wide, they ‘gainst me said,

          Ha, ha! our eye doth see.

22   Lord, thou hast seen, hold not thy peace;

          Lord, be not far from me.

23   Stir up thyself; wake, that thou may’st

          judgment to me afford,

     Ev’n to my cause, O thou that art

          my only God and Lord.

24   O Lord my God, do thou me judge

          after thy righteousness;

     And let them not their joy ‘gainst me

          triumphantly express:

25   Nor let them say within their hearts,

          Ah, we would have it thus;

     Nor suffer them to say, that he

          is swallow’d up by us.

26   Sham’d and confounded be they all

          that at my hurt are glad;

     Let those against me that do boast

          with shame and scorn be clad.

27   Let them that love my righteous cause

          be glad, shout, and not cease

     To say, The Lord be magnify’d,

          who loves his servant’s peace.

28   Thy righteousness shall also be

          declared by my tongue;

     The praises that belong to thee

          speak shall it all day long.

Psalm 036

1    The wicked man’s transgression

          within my heart thus says,

     Undoubtedly the fear of God

          is not before his eyes.

2    Because himself he flattereth

          in his own blinded eye,

     Until the hatefulness be found

          of his iniquity.

3    Words from his mouth proceeding are,

          fraud and iniquity:

     He to be wise, and to do good,

          hath left off utterly.

4    He mischief, lying on his bed,

          most cunningly doth plot:

     He sets himself in ways not good,

          ill he abhorreth not.

5    Thy mercy, Lord, is in the heav’ns;

          thy truth doth reach the clouds:

6    Thy justice is like mountains great;

          thy judgments deep as floods:

     Lord, thou preservest man and beast.

7         How precious is thy grace!

     Therefore in shadow of thy wings

          men’s sons their trust shall place.

8    They with the fatness of thy house

          shall be well satisfy’d;

     From rivers of thy pleasures thou

          wilt drink to them provide.

9    Because of life the fountain pure

          remains alone with thee;

     And in that purest light of thine

          we clearly light shall see.

10   Thy loving-kindness unto them

          continue that thee know;

     And still on men upright in heart

          thy righteousness bestow.

11   Let not the foot of cruel pride

          come, and against me stand;

     And let me not removed be,

          Lord, by the wicked’s hand.

12   There fallen are they, and ruined,

          that work iniquities:

     Cast down they are, and never shall

          be able to arise.

Psalm 023

1    The Lord’s my shepherd, I’ll not want.
2          He makes me down to lie
     In pastures green: he leadeth me
          the quiet waters by.

3    My soul he doth restore again;
          and me to walk doth make
     Within the paths of righteousness,
          ev’n for his own name’s sake.

4    Yea, though I walk in death’s dark vale,
          yet will I fear none ill:
     For thou art with me; and thy rod
          and staff me comfort still.

5    My table thou hast furnished
          in presence of my foes;
     My head thou dost with oil anoint,
          and my cup overflows.

6    Goodness and mercy all my life
          shall surely follow me:
     And in God’s house for evermore
          my dwelling-place shall be.

Psalm 024

The earth belongs unto the Lord,
and all that it contains;
The world that is inhabited,
and all that there remains.

For the foundations thereof
he on the seas did lay,
And he hath it established
upon the floods to stay.

Who is the man that shall ascend
into the hill of God?
Or who within his holy place
shall have a firm abode?

Whose hands are clean, whose heart is pure,
and unto vanity
Who hath not lifted up his soul,
nor sworn deceitfully.

He from th’ Eternal shall receive
the blessing him upon,
And righteousness, ev’n from the God
of his salvation.

This is the generation
that after him enquire,
O Jacob, who do seek thy face
with their whole heart’s desire.

Ye gates, lift up your heads on high;
ye doors that last for aye,
Be lifted up, that so the King
of glory enter may.

But who of glory is the King?
The mighty Lord is this;
Ev’n that same Lord, that great in might
and strong in battle is.

Ye gates, lift up your heads; ye doors,
doors that do last for aye,
Be lifted up, that so the King
of glory enter may.

10 But who is he that is the King
of glory? who is this?
The Lord of hosts, and none but he,
the King of glory is


Psalm 025

First Version (S.M.)

1    To thee I lift my soul:

2          O Lord, I trust in thee:

     My God, let me not be asham’d,

          nor foes triumph o’er me.

3    Let none that wait on thee

          be put to shame at all;

     But those that without cause transgress,

          let shame upon them fall.

4    Shew me thy ways, O Lord;

          thy paths, O teach thou me:

5    And do thou lead me in thy truth,

          therein my teacher be:

     For thou art God that dost

          to me salvation send,

     And I upon thee all the day

          expecting do attend.

6    Thy tender mercies, Lord,

          I pray thee to remember,

     And loving-kindnesses; for they

          have been of old for ever.

7    My sins and faults of youth

          do thou, O Lord, forget:

     After thy mercy think on me,

          and for thy goodness great.

8    God good and upright is:

          the way he’ll sinners show.

9    The meek in judgment he will guide,

          and make his path to know.

10   The whole paths of the Lord

          are truth and mercy sure,

     To those that do his cov’nant keep,

          and testimonies pure.

11   Now, for thine own name’s sake,

          O Lord, I thee entreat

     To pardon mine iniquity;

          for it is very great.

12   What man is he that fears

          the Lord, and doth him serve?

     Him shall he teach the way that he

          shall choose, and still observe.

13   His soul shall dwell at ease;

          and his posterity

     Shall flourish still, and of the earth

          inheritors shall be.

14   With those that fear him is

          the secret of the Lord;

     The knowledge of his covenant

          he will to them afford.

15   Mine eyes upon the Lord

          continually are set:

     For he it is that shall bring forth

          my feet out of the net.

16   Turn unto me thy face,

          and to me mercy show;

     Because that I am desolate,

          and am brought very low.

17   My heart’s griefs are increas’d:

          me from distress relieve.

18   See mine affliction and my pain,

          and all my sins forgive.

19   Consider thou my foes,

          because they many are;

     And it a cruel hatred is

          which they against me bear.

20   O do thou keep my soul,

          do thou deliver me:

     And let me never be asham’d,

          because I trust in thee.

21   Let uprightness and truth

          keep me, who thee attend.

22   Redemption, Lord, to Israel

          from all his troubles send.

Second Version (C.M.)

1    To thee I lift my soul, O Lord:

2          My God, I trust in thee:

     Let me not be asham’d; let not

          my foes triumph o’er me.

3    Yea, let thou none ashamed be

          that do on thee attend:

     Ashamed let them be, O Lord,

          who without cause offend.

4    Thy ways, Lord, shew; teach me thy paths:

5         Lead me in truth, teach me:

     For of my safety thou art God;

          all day I wait on thee.

6    Thy mercies, that most tender are,

          do thou, O Lord, remember,

     And loving-kindnesses; for they

          have been of old for ever.

7    Let not the errors of my youth,

          nor sins, remember’d be:

     In mercy, for thy goodness’ sake,

           O Lord, remember me.

8    The Lord is good and gracious,

          he upright is also:

     He therefore sinners will instruct

          in ways that they should go.

9    The meek and lowly he will guide

          in judgment just alway:

     To meek and poor afflicted ones

          he’ll clearly teach his way.

10   The whole paths of the Lord our God

          are truth and mercy sure,

     To such as keep his covenant,

          and testimonies pure.

11   Now, for thine own name’s sake, O Lord,

          I humbly thee entreat

     To pardon mine iniquity;

          for it is very great.

12   What man fears God? him shall he teach

          the way that he shall chuse.

13   His soul shall dwell at ease; his seed

          the earth, as heirs, shall use.

14   The secret of the Lord is with

          such as do fear his name;

     And he his holy covenant

          will manifest to them.

15   Towards the Lord my waiting eyes

          continually are set;

     For he it is that shall bring forth

          my feet out of the net.

16   O turn thee unto me, O God,

          have mercy me upon;

     Because I solitary am,

          and in affliction.

17   Enlarg’d the griefs are of mine heart;

          me from distress relieve.

18   See mine affliction and my pain,

          and all my sins forgive.

19   Consider thou mine enemies,

          because they many are;

     And it a cruel hatred is

          which they against me bear.

20   O do thou keep my soul; O God,

          do thou deliver me:

     Let me not be asham’d; for I

          do put my trust in thee.

21   O let integrity and truth

          keep me, who thee attend.

22   Redemption, Lord, to Israel

          from all his troubles send.

Psalm 026

1    Judge me, O Lord, for I have walk’d

          in mine integrity:

     I trusted also in the Lord;

          slide therefore shall not I.

2    Examine me, and do me prove;

          try heart and reins, O God:

3    For thy love is before mine eyes,

          thy truth’s paths I have trode.

4    With persons vain I have not sat,

          nor with dissemblers gone:

5    Th’ assembly of ill men I hate;

          to sit with such I shun.

6    Mine hands in innocence, O Lord,

          I’ll wash and purify;

     So to thine holy altar go,

          and compass it will I:

7    That I, with voice of thanksgiving,

          may publish and declare,

     And tell of all thy mighty works,

          that great and wondrous are.

8    The habitation of thy house,

          Lord, I have loved well;

     Yea, in that place I do delight

          where doth thine honour dwell.

9    With sinners gather not my soul,

          and such as blood would spill:

10   Whose hands mischievous plots, right hand

          corrupting bribes do fill.

11   But as for me, I will walk on

          in mine integrity:

     Do thou redeem me, and, O Lord,

          be merciful to me.

12   My foot upon an even place

          doth stand with stedfastness:

     Within the congregations

          th’ Eternal I will bless.

Psalm 027

1    The Lord’s my light and saving health,

          who shall make me dismay’d?

     My life’s strength is the Lord, of whom

          then shall I be afraid?

2    When as mine enemies and foes,

          most wicked persons all,

     To eat my flesh against me rose,

          they stumbled and did fall.

3    Against me though an host encamp,

          my heart yet fearless is:

     Though war against me rise, I will

          be confident in this.

4    One thing I of the Lord desir’d,

          and will seek to obtain,

     That all days of my life I may

          within God’s house remain;

     That I the beauty of the Lord

          behold may and admire,

     And that I in his holy place

          may rev’rently enquire.

5    For he in his pavilion shall

          me hide in evil days;

     In secret of his tent me hide,

          and on a rock me raise.

6    And now, ev’n at this present time,

          mine head shall lifted be

     Above all those that are my foes,

          and round encompass me:

     Therefore unto his tabernacle

          I’ll sacrifices bring

     Of joyfulness; I’ll sing, yea, I

          to God will praises sing.

7    O Lord, give ear unto my voice,

          when I do cry to thee;

     Upon me also mercy have,

          and do thou answer me.

8    When thou didst say, Seek ye my face,

          then unto thee reply

     Thus did my heart, Above all things

          thy face, Lord, seek will I.

9    Far from me hide not thou thy face;

          put not away from thee

     Thy servant in thy wrath: thou hast

          an helper been to me.

     O God of my salvation,

          leave me not, nor forsake:

10   Though me my parents both should leave,

          the Lord will me up take.

11   O Lord, instruct me in thy way,

          to me a leader be

     In a plain path, because of those

          that hatred bear to me.

12   Give me not to mine en’mies’ will;

          for witnesses that lie

     Against me risen are, and such

          as breathe out cruelty.

13   I fainted had, unless that I

          believed had to see

     The Lord’s own goodness in the land

          of them that living be.

14   Wait on the Lord, and be thou strong,

          and he shall strength afford

     Unto thine heart; yea, do thou wait,

          I say, upon the Lord.

Psalm 028

1    To thee I’ll cry, O Lord, my rock;

          hold not thy peace to me;

     Lest like those that to pit descend

          I by thy silence be.

2    The voice hear of my humble pray’rs,

          when unto thee I cry;

     When to thine holy oracle

          I lift mine hands on high.

3    With ill men draw me not away

          that work iniquity;

     That speak peace to their friends, while in

          their hearts doth mischief lie.

4    Give them according to their deeds

          and ills endeavoured:

     And as their handy-works deserve,

          to them be rendered.

5    God shall not build, but them destroy,

          who would not understand

     The Lord’s own works, nor did regard

          the doing of his hand.

6    For ever blessed be the Lord,

          for graciously he heard

     The voice of my petitions,

          and prayers did regard.

7    The Lord’s my strength and shield; my heart

          upon him did rely;

     And I am helped: hence my heart

          doth joy exceedingly,

     And with my song I will him praise.

8         Their strength is God alone:

     He also is the saving strength

          of his anointed one.

9    O thine own people do thou save,

          bless thine inheritance;

     Them also do thou feed, and them

          for evermore advance.

Psalm 029

1    Give ye unto the Lord, ye sons

          that of the mighty be,

     All strength and glory to the Lord

          with cheerfulness give ye.

2    Unto the Lord the glory give

          that to his name is due;

     And in the beauty of holiness

          unto Jehovah bow.

3    The Lord’s voice on the waters is;

          the God of majesty

     Doth thunder, and on multitudes

          of waters sitteth he.

4    A pow’rful voice it is that comes

          out from the Lord most high;

     The voice of that great Lord is full

          of glorious majesty.

5    The voice of the Eternal doth

          asunder cedars tear;

     Yea, God the Lord doth cedars break

          that Lebanon doth bear.

6    He makes them like a calf to skip,

          ev’n that great Lebanon,

     And, like to a young unicorn,

          the mountain Sirion.

7    God’s voice divides the flames of fire;

8        The desert it doth shake:

     The Lord doth make the wilderness

          of Kadesh all to quake.

9    God’s voice doth make the hinds to calve,

          it makes the forest bare:

     And in his temple ev’ry one

          his glory doth declare.

10   The Lord sits on the floods; the Lord

          sits King, and ever shall.

11   The Lord will give his people strength,

          and with peace bless them all.

Psalm 030

1    Lord, I will thee extol, for thou

          hast lifted me on high,

     And over me thou to rejoice

          mad’st not mine enemy.

2    O thou who art the Lord my God,

          I in distress to thee,

     With loud cries lifted up my voice,

          and thou hast healed me.

3    O Lord, my soul thou hast brought up,

          and rescu’d from the grave;

     That I to pit should not go down,

          alive thou didst me save.

4    O ye that are his holy ones,

          sing praise unto the Lord;

     And give unto him thanks, when ye

          his holiness record.

5    For but a moment lasts his wrath;

          life in his favour lies:

     Weeping may for a night endure,

          at morn doth joy arise.

6    In my prosperity I said,

          that nothing shall me move.

7    O Lord, thou hast my mountain made

          to stand strong by thy love:

     But when that thou, O gracious God,

          didst hide thy face from me,

     Then quickly was my prosp’rous state

          turn’d into misery.

8    Wherefore unto the Lord my cry

          I caused to ascend:

     My humble supplication

          I to the Lord did send.

9    What profit is there in my blood,

          when I go down to pit?

     Shall unto thee the dust give praise?

          thy truth declare shall it?

10   Hear, Lord, have mercy; help me, Lord:

11        Thou turned hast my sadness

     To dancing; yea, my sackcloth loos’d,

          and girded me with gladness;

12   That sing thy praise my glory may,

          and never silent be.

     O Lord my God, for evermore

          I will give thanks to thee.