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Psalm 035

1    Plead, Lord, with those that plead; and fight

          with those that fight with me.

2    Of shield and buckler take thou hold,

          stand up mine help to be.

3    Draw also out the spear, and do

          against them stop the way

     That me pursue: unto my soul,

          I’m thy salvation, say.

4    Let them confounded be and sham’d

          that for my soul have sought:

     Who plot my hurt turn’d back be they,

          and to confusion brought.

5    Let them be like unto the chaff

          that flies before the wind;

     And let the angel of the Lord

          pursue them hard behind.

6    With darkness cover thou their way,

          and let it slipp’ry prove;

     And let the angel of the Lord

          pursue them from above.

7    For without cause have they for me

          their net hid in a pit,

     They also have without a cause

          for my soul digged it.

8    Let ruin seize him unawares;

          his net he hid withal

     Himself let catch; and in the same

          destruction let him fall.

9    My soul in God shall joy; and glad

          in his salvation be:

10   And all my bones shall say, O Lord,

          who is like unto thee,

     Which dost the poor set free from him

          that is for him too strong;

     The poor and needy from the man

          that spoils and does him wrong?

11   False witnesses rose; to my charge

          things I not knew they laid.

12   They, to the spoiling of my soul,

          me ill for good repaid.

13   But as for me, when they were sick,

          in sackcloth sad I mourn’d:

     My humbled soul did fast, my pray’r

          into my bosom turn’d.

14   Myself I did behave as he

          had been my friend or brother;

     I heavily bow’d down, as one

          that mourneth for his mother.

15   But in my trouble they rejoic’d,

          gath’ring themselves together;

     Yea, abjects vile together did

          themselves against me gather:

     I knew it not; they did me tear,

          and quiet would not be.

16   With mocking hypocrites, at feasts

          they gnash’d their teeth at me.

17   How long, Lord, look’st thou on? from those

          destructions they intend

     Rescue my soul, from lions young

          my darling do defend.

18   I will give thanks to thee, O Lord,

          within th’ assembly great;

     And where much people gather’d are

          thy praises forth will set.

19   Let not my wrongful enemies

          proudly rejoice o’er me;

     Nor who me hate without a cause,

          let them wink with the eye.

20   For peace they do not speak at all;

          but crafty plots prepare

     Against all those within the land

          that meek and quiet are.

21   With mouths set wide, they ‘gainst me said,

          Ha, ha! our eye doth see.

22   Lord, thou hast seen, hold not thy peace;

          Lord, be not far from me.

23   Stir up thyself; wake, that thou may’st

          judgment to me afford,

     Ev’n to my cause, O thou that art

          my only God and Lord.

24   O Lord my God, do thou me judge

          after thy righteousness;

     And let them not their joy ‘gainst me

          triumphantly express:

25   Nor let them say within their hearts,

          Ah, we would have it thus;

     Nor suffer them to say, that he

          is swallow’d up by us.

26   Sham’d and confounded be they all

          that at my hurt are glad;

     Let those against me that do boast

          with shame and scorn be clad.

27   Let them that love my righteous cause

          be glad, shout, and not cease

     To say, The Lord be magnify’d,

          who loves his servant’s peace.

28   Thy righteousness shall also be

          declared by my tongue;

     The praises that belong to thee

          speak shall it all day long.

Psalm 036

1    The wicked man’s transgression

          within my heart thus says,

     Undoubtedly the fear of God

          is not before his eyes.

2    Because himself he flattereth

          in his own blinded eye,

     Until the hatefulness be found

          of his iniquity.

3    Words from his mouth proceeding are,

          fraud and iniquity:

     He to be wise, and to do good,

          hath left off utterly.

4    He mischief, lying on his bed,

          most cunningly doth plot:

     He sets himself in ways not good,

          ill he abhorreth not.

5    Thy mercy, Lord, is in the heav’ns;

          thy truth doth reach the clouds:

6    Thy justice is like mountains great;

          thy judgments deep as floods:

     Lord, thou preservest man and beast.

7         How precious is thy grace!

     Therefore in shadow of thy wings

          men’s sons their trust shall place.

8    They with the fatness of thy house

          shall be well satisfy’d;

     From rivers of thy pleasures thou

          wilt drink to them provide.

9    Because of life the fountain pure

          remains alone with thee;

     And in that purest light of thine

          we clearly light shall see.

10   Thy loving-kindness unto them

          continue that thee know;

     And still on men upright in heart

          thy righteousness bestow.

11   Let not the foot of cruel pride

          come, and against me stand;

     And let me not removed be,

          Lord, by the wicked’s hand.

12   There fallen are they, and ruined,

          that work iniquities:

     Cast down they are, and never shall

          be able to arise.

Psalm 033

1    Ye righteous, in the Lord rejoice;

          it comely is and right,

     That upright men, with thankful voice,

          should praise the Lord of might.

2    Praise God with harp, and unto him

          sing with the psaltery;

     Upon a ten-string’d instrument

          make ye sweet melody.

3    A new song to him sing, and play

          with loud noise skilfully;

4    For right is God’s word, all his works

          are done in verity.

5    To judgment and to righteousness

          a love he beareth still;

     The loving-kindness of the Lord

          the earth throughout doth fill.

6    The heavens by the word of God

          did their beginning take;

     And by the breathing of his mouth

          he all their hosts did make.

7    The waters of the seas he brings

          together as an heap;

     And in storehouses, as it were,

          he layeth up the deep.

8    Let earth, and all that live therein,

          with rev’rence fear the Lord;

     Let all the world’s inhabitants

          dread him with one accord.

9    For he did speak the word, and done

          it was without delay;

     Established it firmly stood,

          whatever he did say.

10   God doth the counsel bring to nought

          which heathen folk do take;

     And what the people do devise

          of none effect doth make.

11   O but the counsel of the Lord

          doth stand for ever sure;

     And of his heart the purposes

          from age to age endure.

12   That nation blessed is, whose God

          Jehovah is, and those

     A blessed people are, whom for

          his heritage he chose.

13   The Lord from heav’n sees and beholds

          all sons of men full well:

14   He views all from his dwelling-place

          that in the earth do dwell.

15   He forms their hearts alike, and all

          their doings he observes.

16   Great hosts save not a king, much strength

          no mighty man preserves.

17   An horse for preservation

          is a deceitful thing;

     And by the greatness of his strength

          can no deliv’rance bring.

18   Behold on those that do him fear

          the Lord doth set his eye;

     Ev’n those who on his mercy do

          with confidence rely.

19   From death to free their soul, in dearth

          life unto them to yield.

20   Our soul doth wait upon the Lord;

          he is our help and shield.

21   Sith in his holy name we trust,

          our heart shall joyful be.

22   Lord, let thy mercy be on us,

          as we do hope in thee.

Psalm 034

1    God will I bless all times; his praise
          my mouth shall still express.
2    My soul shall boast in God: the meek
          shall hear with joyfulness.

3    Extol the Lord with me, let us
          exalt his name together.
4    I sought the Lord, he heard, and did
          me from all fears deliver.

5    They look’d to him, and lighten’d were:
          not shamed were their faces.
6    This poor man cry’d, God heard, and sav’d
          him from all his distresses.

7    The angel of the Lord encamps,
          and round encompasseth
     All those about that do him fear,
          and them delivereth.

8    O taste and see that God is good:
          who trusts in him is bless’d.
9    Fear God his saints: none that him fear
          shall be with want oppress’d.

10   The lions young may hungry be,
          and they may lack their food:
     But they that truly seek the Lord
          shall not lack any good.

11   O children, hither do ye come,
          and unto me give ear;
     I shall you teach to understand
          how ye the Lord should fear.

12   What man is he that life desires,
          to see good would live long?
13   Thy lips refrain from speaking guile,
          and from ill words thy tongue.

14   Depart from ill, do good, seek peace,
          pursue it earnestly.
15   God’s eyes are on the just; his ears
          are open to their cry.

16   The face of God is set against
          those that do wickedly,
     That he may quite out from the earth
          cut off their memory.

17   The righteous cry unto the Lord,
          he unto them gives ear;
     And they out of their troubles all
          by him deliver’d are.

18   The Lord is ever nigh to them
          that be of broken sp’rit;
     To them he safety doth afford
          that are in heart contrite.

19   The troubles that afflict the just
          in number many be;
     But yet at length out of them all
          the Lord doth set him free.

20   He carefully his bones doth keep,
          whatever can befall;
     That not so much as one of them
          can broken be at all.

21     Ill shall the wicked slay; laid waste
          shall be who hate the just.
22     The Lord redeems his servants’ souls;
          none perish that him trust.

Psalm 031

1    In thee, O Lord, I put my trust,

          sham’d let me never be;

     According to thy righteousness

          do thou deliver me.

2    Bow down thine ear to me, with speed

          send me deliverance:

     To save me, my strong rock be thou,

          and my house of defence.

3    Because thou art my rock, and thee

          I for my fortress take;

     Therefore do thou me lead and guide,

          ev’n for thine own name’s sake.

4    And sith thou art my strength, therefore

          pull me out of the net,

     Which they in subtilty for me

          so privily have set.

5    Into thine hands I do commit

          my sp’rit: for thou art he,

     O thou, Jehovah, God of truth,

          that hast redeemed me.

6    Those that do lying vanities

          regard, I have abhorr’d:

     But as for me, my confidence

          is fixed on the Lord.

7    I’ll in thy mercy gladly joy:

          for thou my miseries

     Consider’d hast; thou hast my soul

          known in adversities:

8    And thou hast not inclosed me

          within the en’my’s hand;

     And by thee have my feet been made

          in a large room to stand.

9    O Lord, upon me mercy have,

          for trouble is on me:

     Mine eye, my belly, and my soul,

          with grief consumed be.

10   Because my life with grief is spent,

          my years with sighs and groans:

     My strength doth fail; and for my sin

          consumed are my bones.

11   I was a scorn to all my foes,

          and to my friends a fear;

     And specially reproach’d of those

          that were my neighbours near:

     When they me saw they from me fled.

12        Ev’n so I am forgot,

     As men are out of mind when dead:

          I’m like a broken pot.

13   For slanders I of many heard;

          fear compass’d me, while they

     Against me did consult, and plot

          to take my life away.

14   But as for me, O Lord, my trust

          upon thee I did lay;

     And I to thee, Thou art my God,

          did confidently say.

15   My times are wholly in thine hand:

          do thou deliver me

     From their hands that mine enemies

          and persecutors be.

16   Thy countenance to shine do thou

          upon thy servant make:

     Unto me give salvation,

          for thy great mercies’ sake.

17   Let me not be asham’d, O Lord,

          for on thee call’d I have:

     Let wicked men be sham’d, let them

          be silent in the grave.

18   To silence put the lying lips,

          that grievous things do say,

     And hard reports, in pride and scorn,

          on righteous men do lay.

19   How great’s the goodness thou for them

          that fear thee keep’st in store,

     And wrought’st for them that trust in thee

          the sons of men before!

20   In secret of thy presence thou

          shalt hide them from man’s pride:

     From strife of tongues thou closely shalt,

          as in a tent, them hide.

21   All praise and thanks be to the Lord;

          for he hath magnify’d

     His wondrous love to me within

          a city fortify’d.

22   For from thine eyes cut off I am,

          I in my haste had said;

     My voice yet heard’st thou, when to thee

          with cries my moan I made.

23   O love the Lord, all ye his saints;

          because the Lord doth guard

     The faithful, and he plenteously

          proud doers doth reward.

24   Be of good courage, and he strength

          unto your heart shall send,

     All ye whose hope and confidence

          doth on the Lord depend.