I. A man of worth has a heart filled with love for God that overflows in his speech (v. 2-4) 

II. A man of worth cares about the wellbeing of women (v. 5-7) 

III. A man of worth protects women (v. 8-9) 

IV. A man of worth is attracted to holiness and faith (v. 10-12)

V. A man of worth shows grace, gives comfort, and speaks kindly even above and beyond his duty (v. 13)

VI. A man of worth is a hardworking provider (v. 14-18) 

VII. A man of worth is a redeemer (v. 19-20) 

VIII. A man of worth perseveres in good works (v. 21-23) 

DISCUSSION Read verses 19-22.

1. Read verses 1-7. What do we learn about Boaz in these verses? What do we learn about Ruth? What does verse 3 reveal about the loving providence of God?

2. Read verses 8-13. What does Boaz exhort Ruth to do in verses 8-9? What does he promise her? How does Boaz prefigure Christ Jesus here? How did Ruth respond in verses 10 and 13? What reason does Boaz give for showing her favor in verses 11-12? What is the anchor of all these good works, according to the last part of verse 12?

3. Read verses 14-16. What did Boaz say to Ruth? What must Ruth have been thinking? How does Boaz prefigure the Lord Jesus here?

4. Read verses 17-23. What stands out to you in these verses and why? What does Naomi identify Boaz as at the end of verse 20? How does Leviticus 25:25-33, 48-54 shed light on this word “redeemer”?
*note they are the same words in Hebrew

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